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We are a combination of parents’ experience and the vitality of our children as we have completed The new and modern grandparents’ March

We connect the four continents of Through our partners, through our company that has been launched to provide all services with High quality and lower costs

To be the link between a group of companies from several continents To cover most markets and products worldwide We chose Turkey to establish the company, because it is located in the middle of the world, making it a strong link to its good air and sea transport lines, facilitating the provision and facilitating of requirements

We aspire to be your gateway to the world and connect you with all global companies, and we strive to be at the forefront of global companies, in terms of service quality and customer trust

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Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism in Turkey

It is well known and widely circulated that Turkey is an excellent home for international hospitals and plastic surgeries, both in terms of quality, accuracy, or in terms of prices. For this, we provide you with the most important and best hospitals in Turkey


Discover Turkey with us

Turkey is a tourist country par excellence. Each city has natural and historical characteristics that distinguish it from other cities, so we in Zidan Group offer you integrated tourism services to facilitate your trip.

Import and Export

Import and Export Service

Our distinction lies in our experience that our company is a combination of the experience of the parents and the enthusiasm of the children in addition to the fact that we have many agencies for major international companies across all parts

Rental Car

Rental Car service

Services in line with all types of travelers that will be necessary while in the wonderful city of Istanbul in addition to the service of the accompanying driver and tour guide. Our only and primary goal is customer satisfaction

Real Estate

Real Estate Services

We provide many options such as lands and apartments for sale and for all types of daily, monthly and annual rent, which are commensurate with all categories and desires with our advantage of not taking a commission from the customer



Publicity and advertising have become an essential element in the Arab and international markets, and it is an effective way to sell and market any product, and from here we put this service and gave it a greater scope in our activities

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