Khairat Aljazira

It is a Libyan company that is one of the most important companies in the Libyan market and in the Middle East in the trade of foodstuffs of all kinds. It is a newly established company, but thanks to the practical team that it has, it was able to achieve many successes in a short time, and this is what the company’s members gain from the experience, knowledge and Familiar with all local and international markets

Also, the company is subject to a strategy prepared with precision and dedication to enable it to achieve its benefits as quickly as possible and with the lowest costs and the most profit.

Therefore, the company chose Zm Group to deal with it and that is because we gain credibility and good reputation in the Middle East and the global field because we have the best services and in all fields, the fastest times and the lowest costs, and we have been able to achieve many successes in many fields and we still aspire For more